Wooden bobbin carved from branch

A Cherry Bobbin

Hand carving wooden sewing bobbins

One of my favourite things to carve is a simple wooden thread bobbin. A branch around 1″ thick will do. Strum the bark or leave it on. Some continuous square notches will create the indentation for the thread to sit. Voila! Just wrap your thread or floss or fishing line, whatever you’d like, and you have a neat little thread spool for your next repair job.

Having found many wooden bobbins in antique stores (lathe-turned), I assume these would have been very common place at one point in time.

I absolutely love to make these small leather carrying cases to house the bobbin and some needles to make little sewing kits. Depending on the species of wood that I’m using, I’ll hollow out the pith to store the needles inside or I will encase the needles in the leather some how.

Either way, there is something incredibly satisfying for me when it comes to making something small, detailed, and useful!

Wooden Bobbin carved by hand
Love the patterns on cherry bark!

This pin cherry has fantastic colour in its bark, so I decided to keep it in place – if I dry it really slowly there is a good chance that it will stay on. If I let it dry too fast, however, the cambium will just get loose and the bark will fall off.

I tend to carve more bobbins than I do sew leather bobbin holders – so I have a fair bit of stitching ahead of me to get some of these sewing kits ready to work!

What’s your favourite object to carve?

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