This is a spoon carved for my Grandma out of a lilac species.

I once swore that I’d never again attempt to carve lilac. The growth rings have a tendency to separate near the pith of the tree, like the binding agent is weaker than most woods, and it always seems to have such a strange and unpredictable mix of very hard wood and that which is spongy.

But around the campfire I found this piece which had a pleasing crook to it and I decided to give it a go. It originally was meant to be a ladel, so you can see how much I had to keep removing to find all the solid wood. The spoon was in there, hiding away quite deep.

I’ve been drawn to lilac wood a few times due to the brialliant grains which can be found inside, and the colours. This spoon has some of that and I am happy with it. More importantly, grandma really liked it.

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