The Back-Country Nalhus

Nalhus translates to “needle house” from the Saami language. The Saami are the indigenous cultures of Sweden, Norway, and Finland. I draw a lot of inspiration from their craft. The needle houses that I make look a lot different but they serve the same purpose. If you go far afield you need to be able to repair gear if it breaks down.

That little piece of willow has a lot of functions.. It’s kind of like the Swiss Army Knife of sewing kits. It is fully stocked for any reasonable gear repair you may come upon in the field. This one is loaded with artificial sinew, top-quality nylon thread, and a heavier waxed thread.

If you pull the leather cork out you’ll find a few various needle sizes and an awl.

And the awl fits into the other end of the bobbin so you can puncture holes where needed for your repair.

It all tucks nice and tight into the shell. Tidy and small until you need it.

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