Capt’n Jack’s Sewing Kit

It is important to wear things until they break, and then fix them. Not only because when your garments are at their most comfortable when they are in shreds falling off of you, but because it is important to get away from the “throw-away” mindset we are constantly subjected to.

I really enjoy making little sewing kits – this one in particular reminds me of a little 15th century treasure chest. The bobbin fits inside and then to remove it you just pull the little leather tab holding the needles. The wood is russian olive which was collected in January(ish) from Wascana Creek. It was a nice calm winter day, great for an urban wood hunt. I found some dead branches out over the ice which would be inaccessible, except by watercraft, any other time of the year. Covered the basement with shavings with this one…

It was kolrosed with wood ash from the fire pit out back. Kolrosing is an ancient technique used to decorate wood by scratching a design in and then rubbing ash into the crack and setting it with oil so it stays. Scrimshaw is a similar technique used on very hard surfaces like bone.

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