A knife that deserved a worthy sheath

This knife was for a long time the bane of my creative efforts. To date, this project took more time and was more frustrating than any other project I’ve taken on. After a year with it in my possession, I finished the piece around 2:30 AM on a 2016 December evening, and it shipped off to BC the next day, likely never to be seen in person by me again; it was bittersweet. It was a gift from father to son.

The knife is deserving of the frustration. My coworker was at a garage sale looking at a collection of knives when the seller and he got to chatting and she told him to hold on a moment while she returned to the house. She came out with this – it belonged to her son before he passed away and she just wanted to see that it went to somebody who would care about it.

I am really happy with the final piece. I love the idea of mixing wood and leather; so here is cherry, which originated as an off-cut from a friends counter (also beautiful) and veg-tanned leather. The pins are solid brass that are peened over (a hammering technique which ‘mushrooms’ the metal so as to make a rivet-type device). So yeah, after hours and hours and hours of work I literally put the near-finished project down on the anvil and hit it with a hammer over and over.

It was a testament of persistence. I almost quit three separate times but each time I felt compelled to try one more thing and it would keep me going. The sigh of relief after completion was quite fulfilling, as was the delivery. I learned a lot during this project.

Here’s a photo of the backside of the piece.
It had the equivalent stitching of four sheaths.

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  1. That’s really beautiful work! I can see why you have so much of yourself invested in it. I’m sure that the recipient (your son?) will treasure it always.

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