Food Flipper

Here is another bit of up-cycled cedar fence board. The woodgrains itself is the artful bit here; thank you, Mother Nature for that. This board was destined for the fire-pit, but I wanted a nice spatula. The autumn morning was calm in Regina, and I let my curls fall beside a cheerful firepit as I whittled away the bits that weren’t utensil. It is great that I didn’t have to go out and buy a plastic spatula and as a bonus I’ve got something I hope to cherish for many years.

For those wondering, even though cedar is a soft, soft wood, and the blade is very thin, I have not experienced any cracking or fraying of the edge, even after scraping the burned bits off of my pan quite a few times; nor have I noticed any issues with drying/checking after repeated washes. And yes, it gets better with each use as the colours change depending on the food it flips.

This one was soaked in olive oil, but as you wash utensils the oil will inevitably be removed. Oiling is, in most cases, for show, I’ve found.

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