Hummingbird carved from a branch

Chickadee turned Hummingbird

Sometimes we’ll set out to carve one thing and finish with something completely different. I say sometimes, but it could even be amended to say often in my case! I’m glad to see that it’s not just me!

The following write up is from Jessica Sampson, our first Whittled! Weekly contributor!

On a hike recently I made this little dude out of a yellow birch branch that had fallen and not yet rotted.  It was supposed to be a chickadee, but I cut his beak off by accident. Instead of throwing him away because he wasn’t what I’d expected, I looked a bit closer, bored a hole and found a twig to make him into a hummingbird. 

He took me maybe 5/10 minutes to make, and I left him to be discovered along a hiking trail. I figure people will see him and think some version of ‘oh that’s cute’  or ‘what is this random thing’ and carry on. Someone might even like him enough to take him home. 

Either way, it was a nice break on my hike, and now I get to enjoy the thought of random strangers stopping to think for a second when they see my impromptu little woodland hummingbird.

Hummingbird carved from a branch
Chickadee turned hummingbird with a bit of quick thinking! This is a trailside whittling by Jessica Sampson

I love how this turned out! Commendations on the accident adaptation aside, I think the dark branch for a bill really makes this an interesting little whittle. I’m going to have to try this next time I whittle a bird with a long thin bill.

Who else has nipped the beak off their bird carving? Or the nose off their face sculpture?

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1 thought on “Chickadee turned Hummingbird

  1. I’m a beginning whittler, but am enjoying it very much. I recently carved two simple birds–a skinny one, and a fatty one. I like leaving carvings rough, complete with knife marks. I ended up giving the birds to my granddaughters.

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