Celltography: 3 + 1.5 Tips for Warm Hands to Keep You Snapping This Winter

Photo taking is a great excuse to get outside and enjoy nature, in all four seasons! Doing it in the winter months just requires a bit of strategy to stay comfortable! Here are some tricks to help keep your hands warm so you can have camera fun year-round.

1) Launching your camera with gloves on

Winter is beautiful, but it can hurt the skin.  See if you can program your phone’s home button so that it opens your camera app. With just a double push your camera app launches and you didn’t have to bare your skin to use the touch screen!

 A quick way to find this setting is to go through your camera app settings, look for Quick Launch. These screenshots are from my Samsung Galaxy A5.

iPhone users, if you ask Siri politely, she should be able to open the app for you just the same!

2) Voice activated shutter

While you are in settings, see if your phone has Voice Control. With this turned on, all you have to do is say “cheese” or “capture” and your camera will focus and take your shot. This is a great tool for better photos in general (as it can reduce vibration, act as a remote for group shots, or allow you to get into really obscure hand positions for artistic shots).

3) Volume key zoom

If you are going to use Voice Control to take your pictures, why not set your volume keys to operate the zoom? Since you can feel the volume buttons with gloves on, you can utilize yet another feature fully gloved and cozy.

+1) Layering your hand-ware

With those techniques, you should be able to minimize how often you expose your bare hands for winter celltography, but there will always be times when you will need to use your touch screen. To keep your digits warm, try a layered system for your hand-ware.

This is really simple and effective: find a pair of thin gloves that are compatible with your touch screen and then a pair of mittens to wear over top. Gloves maintain your dexterity while mittens keep your fingers together and warm – you get the best of both worlds by slipping your fully gloved hands in and out of toasty mitts.

As with all layering systems, make sure your pairing is neither too tight nor too loose (important). Too tight and it reduces your circulation, too loose and there is more airspace than your hands can heat, both resulting in cold hands. 

You don’t necessarily need to buy the most expensive gloves with the special touch-screen compatible fingers. Often a simple wool glove will work – you’ll just have to try a few options with your phone (or conductify your own). Same goes for your mittens, they don’t need to break the bank. I love the classic leather ski-doo gloves which run about $15 – $20.

+.5) The Ol’ String-Through-The-Sleeves-Trick

So you don’t have to worry about holding onto your mittens when they are off or losing them in the snow, go for the ol’ string-through-the-sleeves-trick.  Route a bit of string through your sleeves and tie the ends to your mittens so they can hang out when you aren’t using them. Works wonders!

Cover photo is a composite of two of my images. Those fuzzy wool gloves work on the touch screen!

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