I am in my canoe.

Do you find yourself making relaxation a task? Can you recognize areas of your life and in your self-care routine that you place economic value to justify intrinsically valuable tasks? This article looks at these concepts to help evaluate our real needs when we set goals and to help us be aware of how our money mindsets may push them off the tracks without us noticing.

Celltography: 3 + 1.5 Tips for Warm Hands to Keep You Snapping This Winter

Photo taking is a great excuse to get outside and enjoy nature, in all four seasons! Doing it in the winter months just requires a bit of strategy to stay comfortable! Here are some tricks to help keep your hands warm so you can have camera fun year-round. 1) Launching your camera with gloves on … Read more

Why Art and Craft?

Creation is a fundamentally human activity. From functional pieces to beautiful ones, those which tell a story to those which help us work, we are a species unlike any other because we have found ways to combine parts to make products. But there is little magic in the “things” we make, magic exists in the … Read more