How to bird watch:
Step 1: watch birds.
Step 2: do it again.

The idea of becoming a “birder” can be overwhelming. There are a lot of birds to know! And, ironically, sometimes peace-loving bird watchers can be just a little intense. So where do you start?

This program is designed to help you fledge into world of bird nerdery through examining the “why” behind watching birds. What makes a “twitcher” twitch in the first place? Is bird watching more than correctly naming species?

In this program stories, audio, and beautiful photography help us consider the intrinsic and aesthetic value of birds and their habitats. We discuss the benefits of human contact with nature and how it can affect our moods, our levels of gratitude, and our skills in observation – we examine the education we enroll in when we endeavor to watch birds. We look at their behaviour and the intriguing, entertaining, and amazing genius of their social lives, defense mechanisms, and survival strategies. We talk about why bird watching is fun! And we explore the reasons why they need our attention now more than ever.

Along with introducing the basics of a bird watcher’s tool box of techniques and resources, this program gets you inspired to start. You may find that you already have more bird knowledge than you thought. Soon you’ll be twitching like the rest of…. oh hey look, a goldfinch!

Program length: between 1 and 1.5 hours (depending on your time constraints)

Age: ~10 +

Audience participation: Some

Program requirements: projector and screen, seating for the audience. A similar program can be ran without electronics under certain circumstances. Field guides for the audience make that experience even better.