Hey there! I’m Steve Abbott. I help people practice intentional wellness by connecting with nature and nurturing creativity.

Nature and art have always been a part of my life. Exploring, camping, drawing, hiking, carving, canoeing, writing, cooking, singing – these are some of the activities that make me, well.. me. Each has the potential to be used as a powerful tool for self discovery.

Exploring myself with these tools has lead me to my fondest experiences of joy, awe, and wonder, and continues to help me be my truest self. I use these tools every day to help manage my anxiety and stress so that I can fill my time with the people and things that I love.

I am dedicated to helping you do this too.


Tumbleweed Naturalist coaching, guiding and outdoor education services are temporarily on pause.


One on One Wellness Coaching

Nature based wellness coaching can help you become more present, relaxed, and self-sufficient as we work on your wellness holistically.

Intimate, spacious sessions help you to mitigate burnout, find direction, and strike balance in your life. I’m your partner, your support, your accountabuddy.

ArtEarth, and Spirit are our tenets. Let’s see what living naturally means for your path to intentional wellbeing.

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Corporate & Group Workshops

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In the meantime, I would love your help!
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One cannot create joy for another, or make them feel present, confident, or stress free. But with the right tools and processes, one can learn how to nurture these things for themselves, thus enabling them to know the feeling of stable, sustainable joy.

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Slowing down, experiencing nature, being creative: this helps us grow in ways that benefit our lives holistically: mind, body, and soul, for at home and at work, in the community and on the land.

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Town of Wolfville Logo“Steve creates such a fun, welcoming, safe, and accessible learning environment. He has hosted multiple community Whittling Workshops for the Town of Wolfville and every time participants leave with a smile on their face and asking for more! We would highly recommend his services.” – Hannah Abrahams, Special Programming and Events Coordinator for the Town of Wolfville.

“I first met Steve while attending his ‘Wilderness Skills’ workshop and was blown away by his delivery of knowledge and his personable, conscientious and generous demeanor. Two years later, I am proud to call Steve a close friend who continues to amaze me! A joy to be around.” – Nadja Smith-Hanson

“Steve came to The Guelph Outdoor School as what I would call a “batteries included” instructor. Steve brought a distinctly complete set of tools for supporting our nature immersion programs for kids, which included: an inspiring ease working with groups and providing 1-on-1 mentorship, an obvious capacity for demonstration and teaching skills, as well as clear and timely communication with our staff. Steve came to GOS with the generosity of a volunteer, and we hired him whenever the opportunity presented itself. Thank you Steve for everything. Come back soon.” – Chris Green. Director, Guelph Outdoor School

“I attended two Sk Outdoor winter camps led by Steve and joined him and friends on another overnight adventure. He has a way of educating using simple yet effective methods and inspiring others by simply being and doing rather than telling. The activities he planned were always enjoyable and made it easy to connect, learn from and laugh with others. Would definitely recommend Steve’s services!” – Cindy Mullie

“Words used to describe Steve Abbott: Passionate. Mentor. Dedicated. Knowledgeable. Talented. He is a great educator and any chance you get to learn from him, do it.” – Taniya Heuchert

“[Steve] is an outstanding asset to your company – use him as people like him are hard to find – he cares!” – Post-tour client evaluation for Freewheeling Adventures.

Exploring connections with the land, ourselves, and each other through art, craft, and the outdoors

Why art and craft?
Creation is a fundamentally human activity. From functional pieces to beautiful ones, those which tell a story to those which make us think, we are a species unlike any other because we have found ways to combine parts to make products. But there is little magic in the “things” we make, magic exists in the processes by which we make them… Read More