Whittling Away: Knife Skills Workshop

Are you looking to find a new hobby? Why not try whittling?

One of the least expensive hobbies, whittling is a great way to express yourself creatively, challenge yourself physically, and learn/hone a very useful life skill. It is a test of patience and imagination, and it’s just a great excuse to get outside simply for the sake of being in the fresh air! What’s better than whittling away on a warm fall evening with flocks honking geese flying over? Or watching your shavings drift down a quiet river as you relax on the bank?

Whittling is a very portable hobby. If you have a pocket knife and a chunk of wood, you can really do it (almost) anywhere. It is a multigenerational pass-time, suitable for grandparents to grandchildren and everything in between.

In this workshop you can expect to learn:

  • Essential knife safety skills to keep yourself and those around you safe, as well as some basic first aid to help you out if and when you do get nicked.
  • Basic knifecraft techniques that you can adapt to use with any whittling project you come up with. It is quite easy once you understand a few of the main concepts and techniques.
  • Knife sharpening and maintenance to keep your knife sharp and in good shape whenever you want to use it. A dull knife is a dangerous knife! As is a rusty one. So you’ll learn how to take care of it.

Knives and materials are provided for this workshop.

Age: 12 +

Group Sizes: maximum of 10

Duration: the full program is 3 hours, however with adjustments to the learning outcomes it can be as short as 1.5 hours. An extended version runs upwards of 6 hours and includes more hands-on experience and outdoor work.

When: there are currently no public events open for registration. If you have interest in attending a Whittling Away workshop, or if you are interested in a private event for your group, please email me at tumbleweednaturalist@gmail.com. I have offered this service privately for family holiday gatherings and birthdays, professional development, scout groups, and more.

“We all had a great time! You were very attentive to the level of the different participants and encouraging for those who took a bit more time to grasp it. It was a great birthday experience for my dad.” – Hannah Enns