Whittled! Contributors

Thank you for contributing to the Whittled! Weekly blog! Your voice and perspective makes this online community space special. Us whittlers are a welcoming, intergenerational bunch – please know that folks of all skill levels are encouraged to share their experiences and will be considered equally.

For consideration, submissions must:

  • Be less than 500 Words long
  • Include 2 or 3 photos of your project at different angles. Extra rockin’ if you include a progress shot or two!
  • Be ready to post – please do what you can to ensure it is free of spelling and grammatical errors
  • Be relevant to whittling, woodcarving, or hand-powered woodcraft in general
  • Be free of profanity, rudeness, and anything otherwise ugly and unpleasant

Please consider these prompts when you are writing your piece:

  • Where were you?
  • What did you notice while you sat and worked (sounds, feels, smells, animals?)
  • What did you think about as you sat in your flow state (I can feel many emotions when I sit and carve, it’s part of the magic!)
  • Were you joyful, sad, anxious, curious?
  • Did you realize or wonder?
  • Is there a story behind the wood you’re working with?

If your article is approved:

It will appear here on the Whittled! Weekly blog post and be included in the email newsletter of the same name! When it’s set loose into the internet galaxy, people will be able to share it around and kind of do whatever they’d like with it, really. But most likely, they’ll be inspired, show it to their friends, think new thoughts, and maybe even consider trying our skill for themselves!

Please acknowledge:

By submitting your article, you are granting permission for your work, in whole or in part, to be used by Steve Abbott of Tumbleweed Naturalist for other content or promotional material, either online or in print. I promise that you will ALWAYS be credited when your work is used, and it will never be used in such a way that is altering or manipulating something you’ve said to say or suggest something different.

By submitting your article, you are also granting permission for basic grammatical editing to occur. Should you miss something, I’ll tune it up so long as it doesn’t change what you’ve said. Anything larger than simple grammar will be sent back with suggestions or questions if it is something that can be featured here.

If this article appears elsewhere:

If you have social media outlets or a blog of your own that your article also appears on, please include links to your sites so that readers of this blog can find more of your work; and please include the links from here to your page. Cross pollination!

But please know that I will not include links to websites or feeds that are otherwise rude, overtly profane, or otherwise out of line with the values of this website. If this is the case, which probably won’t be very often cause most people rock, I’ll just send a note to talk it over.

Please submit articles to:

Please write your subject as:
Whittled: your name (EG: Whittled: Linda Jones)
This will help the ol’ inbox stay orderly.
Please paste your article into the body of the email and attach your photos.