Robin in the Hood Festival

Hey there! I hope your day at the festival was enjoyable as mine!

I am still building my website (and learning how to do it as I go), so I do not yet have a platform set up to create an email subscription list. But it is on the way! If you would like to receive email from me when I get it all sorted out, please just send me an email at indicating that you’d like to be on my mailing list and I will be sure to add you when it is ready to rock. You can expect to receive articles on craft, art, and the outdoors, outdoor education, and travel, as well as my journalistic style interviews (here is an example) from people I chat with. There will be opportunities advertised for courses and events, as well as bits of artwork from time to time. I hope that I can inspire your craft, art, or interests for getting outside with my content.

For all those who were interested in hearing from me when I make my next whittling courses available, who are not interested in joining the future mailing list, please email me indicating this as well. I do both public and private courses. More information can be found here. Guiding takes me away from the area for part of the summer, but I’ll be looking at hosting some more frequent courses in the KW area upon my return in the late summer and fall.

Thank you for your interest!
Steve Abbott