This section is a work in progress. Check back soon for program descriptions. In the meantime, feel free to drop me a line with questions!

Tumbleweed Naturalist programs focus on human-nature connections, self discovery, self sufficiency, creative expression, and positive habit formation; being an outdoors person brings you more than fresh air and sunshine. Meeting you where you’re at, I’ll help you get to where you’d like to go with your outdoor and/or creative aspirations, whether it’s ‘round the block or deep into the Canadian wilderness.

I intend to make myself obsolete to you. Eventually, you will have the confidence and the skill set to enjoy nature at the capacity you choose, without support. Until then, I am here for advice, resources, and training to help your journey.

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Are you looking to slow your pace? Need to unwind, de-stress, or relieve anxiety. Looking to explore your creative side? Perhaps my personal training programs are right for you.
Are you looking for a backcountry experience but don’t have the confidence or skills to plan and implement your trip? Click here to see how I can help.
Do you want to learn technical outdoor skills such as navigation, shelter building, or scientific observation? Browse what I offer here.
Are you a teacher or homeschooling parent looking to expose your students to nature? Running an outdoor school that requires consultation or extra staff? Find information here.
I offer a range of presentations and live demos for in your classroom, festival, or auditorium. Click here for more details.