Nature Based Wellness Coaching

Live intentionally well.

There is a lot of talk about slowing down in today’s fast paced world. Among the rush of traffic and meetings and projects, classes, deadlines, errands, and social media, at times it can feel overwhelming to simply eat a proper meal let alone think about fitting in some time for oneself. There is constant competition for our attention, and there is only so much that we can give before we burn ourselves out.

There has never been a time where fitting self care into one’s schedule has been more important.

Nature Based Wellness Training Online
Unleash your creativity, connect with nature, and take control of your tech. Get hands-on with your wellness, starting in the comfort of your own home. (Coming soon)

One on One Wellness Coaching
Introducing tools for self-discovery, become more present, curious, and self-sufficient as we work on your wellness holistically, together.

Corporate & Group Wellness Workshops

Coming soon!

It always seems to come down to the little things which have the most profound and lasting positive effects on my well being, the simple shifts in perspective, the subtle, easy to overlook lessons in mundane, everyday circumstances.

It’s all in the details.

Perhaps that’s the main thing I help folks do, learn to see and appreciate the little details. When one can do that then they can start to absorb experiences and learn to reflect on the lessons in them.

My philosophy and approach
We are complicated creatures living in a diverse and intricate world. We all love, we cry, we help, we lie; we laugh, worry, and create. We hope, we wonder, we resent, we imagine; we guess, give, and we take. We do all of this and so much more. We are all alike in this way. We have the intense blessing and burden to feel an incredible range of emotions and then dynamically act upon them in response to our environments, our histories, and our realities.

It’s the latter which makes us so very unique and different from each other. There are so many variables that determine how we react to our world, it’s not possible for one to ever truly understand how another individual thinks, perceives, processes emotion, or resolves issues; each person’s circumstances are far too specific. So when we find our incredible humanness out of balance, which can be frequent and is totally understandable, there cannot be a one-sized-fits-all remedy to help.

This is why Tumbleweed Naturalist’s coaching approach starts with introducing individuals to tools which can be used for self-discovery: we are the only people who can affect positive internal changes in our lives.

When we can tune out distractions, listen to our thoughts, and come to understand ourselves more intimately, we can discover what actual wellness means to us, learn how to maintain it, and recognize when we are out of it. When we can do this, we can be more present, curious, and grateful, and consistently work to be our best selves for our family, friends, and communities.

Nature connection and creative work are my tools of choice. Slowing down, experiencing nature, being creative, this helps us grow in ways that benefit our lives holistically: mind, body, and soul, for at home and at work, in the community and on the land.

Said of my mentor during a period of rehabilitation and recovery, I believe this quote embodies the powerful intersection of nature and creativity:

“As much as he carved the stone, the stone was carving him.”