One on One Coaching

The process: one on one Nature Based Wellness Coaching in action

Nature based wellness coaching is currently being offered in two formats: in-person work, and over the phone.

The first step is assessing where you are at and where you’d like to go:

  • Do you have trouble allowing yourself to enjoy free time activities, or do you struggle to find free time at all?
  •  Do you feel like you’ve never had a creative bone in your body but want to learn to express yourself, or are you a forever creator and want to learn how to take your work outside?
  • Are you excelling at the office but want skills to feel more self-sufficient with your hands, or are you exhausted all the time and just want to feel refreshed and inspired again?

We are all different, so each individual program is unique. But it all starts the same: we’ll look at your schedule and daily routines, assess your interests and struggles, and discuss your hopes and goals; from there I will create a personalized strategy to meet your needs from whatever spot you find yourself starting at.

Things that come out of the beginning sessions:

  • Where to find time for oneself, or how to make it.
  • What creative, hands-on tools will we explore? (EG: writing, carving, painting, cooking?)
  • How can you spend time in nature, routinely, and why it’s important (where can you access it, how can you explore it, where to start)
  • Intentionally and specifically granting permissions to relax, slow down, be vulnerable, self-care, and focus on wellness

As the program progresses and we build that base, we will start merging our practice with nature experiences. We really live it, we get outside together with open, spacious sessions. We will start to look at:

  • How to be creative in and with nature
  • How to stay comfortable when exploring or working outside (how to choose and use your gear, but also how to make outings extra special, like setting picnics or incorporating music or books)
  • How to stay safe while outdoors (field skills such as fire and shelter building, trip planning, navigation [where applicable])
  • How to let your practice grow and shift with you.
  • Deeper exploration of the intersections of art, earth, and spirit; how can this work help us build stronger relationships and communities?

Side effects may include:

Grass stains, sporadic and prolonged feelings of joy and euphoria, paint on your clothing, increased creativity, extra free time, stronger relationships with friends and family, unnecessary knowledge about bird mating rituals, friends’ comments about how zen you’ve become, childlike imagination vividity, and wonder; prolonged motionlessness, wood shavings stuck in socks, frequent urge for spontaneous adventure, clarity of purpose, decreased stress and anxiety, feelings of satisfaction, better sleep, and more.

I know first hand how powerful this intersection can be.

As somebody who has struggled with anxiety most of my life, getting out in nature and working/creating with my hands are two things that have consistently brought me solace and relief.

But it’s gone further than that over time. I’ve learned that through creating, especially in and with nature, I’ve been working with powerful tools for self-discovery and reflection. Through the years as I’ve explored my own creative expression and developed a deep relationship with nature, I’ve come to understand that these tools I use to create items and art are the same tools that I need to create a life that I love.

This isn’t to say anxiety and stress still don’t rear up, they do. But what I’ve found is that through this process of getting to know myself, I can understand the triggers that cause these feelings, I can recognize when I’m slipping in my wellness routine, and quickly make changes to get back on track.

I have found huge boosts of self-confidence by developing skills for making things with my hands and by exploring nature, which have helped me to truly love myself and clearly understand what I can offer to people and this world.

I have my family to thank for giving me these tools when I was young; I knew I had my creativity and nature to turn to when I needed to make a change. But throughout my years working as an outdoor educator I’ve come to know exactly how lucky I was to receive those gifts, because so many people did not grow up with the outdoors or access to art and craft. So my work is dedicated to filling that gap and helping people with the things that have helped me to live a life that I love.

If this sounds like something for you,

please call for a free consultation. Just email to set up a time to chat.

If coaching is not for you or perhaps you’re not quite ready for one on one work, feel free to check out my free content on YouTube or in my blog, Keystones: Hands-on Wellness, where I continue to grow my selection of resources to help folks connect with nature, be creative, and live a more joy-filled life. You can also sign up for my email list to have this kind of stuff sent right to your inbox!

Thank you for reading, and I hope to chat with you soon, or see you outside!