Intro to Wilderness Survival

Have you ever been turned around in the woods before? Have you ever felt that twist of panic deep in your stomach? Ever had to make a fire without dry wood?

This program discusses the basic tenets of wilderness survival through stories, scenarios, and demonstrations. Starting with the S.T.O.P principle for staying calm, we discuss the realities and priorities of different survival situations. We examine the different types of shelter, fire, and signalling options available, starting with the technologically enhanced and working our way down to the bare minimalist. We also look at different survival/preparedness kit to carry, and how to carry it.

Program Length: 1 hour to 2 hours depending on your time constraints.

Age: ~10 + (as well suited for adults as school children) (younger students would be better suited to Hug A Tree and Survive)

Audience Participation: Some. And longer programs can include a survival scenario activity at the end (activity limited to ~30 students).

Program Requirements: can be done with or without a screen/projector. The shorter version works better with a projector, the longer, without.