Guided Experiences

Travelling in the backcountry was not something I had the opportunity to do until I was in my early 20s. Though I wish I could have been a part of a week or month long summer camp trip when I was young, it just wasn’t an option for my family. And when I was setting out to learn backcountry skills, I didn’t have a mentor or community for support. So I am offering the service I wish I had when I was learning. Whether it is day-hiking you are after, or full out unsupported backpacking, bikepacking, or canoe tripping, we can work together to build your skills towards self-sufficient travel.

Where a typical guided experience will find your every need catered to, I will teach you how to cater to your every need. The goal here is to help you establish the skills and confidence necessary for you to meet the backcountry on your own terms. Developing the skills on the trip, being able to hold some of the reins for the process of your experience, you have room to fail with assistance and guidance with the support you need to correct and refine.

What you can expect to learn:
Trip planning – travel logistics, finding or making route maps, planning a course, check-ins, food planning and food prep, weather expectations, hazard identification, rescue plans.
Equipment planning – active dressing, footwear, choosing shelter, bedding, kitchenry, safety and medical supplies, and locomotion specific gear (EG: paddles or backpacks).
Camp skills – site selection, shelter pitching, backcountry bed making, animal awareness, tarp setting, camp cooking on stoves and/or fire, water treatment, hygiene, gear maintenance and care, leave no trace principles.
Creativity – if you want to improve your writing/journaling, painting, carving, or sketching, we can plan to hone or develop a creative process during our trip.
Locomotion specific skills – hiking/walking tips, proper boot lacing, pole use, paddling techniques, bicycle maintenance (as they apply).
Travel mentality – keeping moral high, proper nutrition, hydration, and rest. Travelling with respect to nature and other travelers. Traveling with ample time for exploring and reflecting.

Our shared goals: To participate in this service, we are entering into a relationship which requires healthy communication and coordination. We share the goal to to communicate clearly, quickly, and honestly. We become a team on this trip. There may be times when things don’t go to plan, where we have to backtrack to compensate for one or many of the myriad variables that outdoor travel may present to us. We share the goal of being ready and eager to adapt to changing situations and keep our moral high when we are stressed. We are travelling in areas that are full of life and full of other people who want to enjoy the beauty of nature as well. We share the goal that we will tread lightly and with respect on the land. To develop skills takes practice and dedication, long after the skills are introduced. We share the goal that you will become competent in the skills you need to be confident and safe in your outdoor adventures.

Locations: to be determined based on your interest and locality

Equipment: you must provide your own equipment. Discussions on rentals may be applicable for certain trips and for certain personal situations.

Number of participants: 1-5 people

Price: Estimates are made after an initial consultation. Prices will vary based on the specific variables: travel expenses, type of trip, length, complexity.