Field Skills

Are you looking to acquire the skills to keep you found and safe in the outdoors? Would you like to develop the confidence to see Nature not as something you face, but as something you work with in union? These skill topics are about self-sufficiency, the ability to do more with less, and enable you to feel comfortable in the outdoors. Consider the following topics.

Note to other outdoor educators, guides, or mentors: if you seek to develop your field competency to better serve your students, guests, or mentees, please get in touch to let me know how I can assist you or your group. Professional Development sessions available upon request.

Below are a list of different field skills and field courses that I offer, please click the links for full descriptions as they become available.

Wilderness Survival
Learn to plan for things to go right, but be prepared for if they don’t. This program covers survival mentality, shelter building, firecraft, and signalling.

Whittling Away: Knife Skills Workshop
Whether you want to learn functional knife skills or explore your artistic side, this program sets you up for success with a solid foundation for knifecraft.

Map and compass navigation
Staying found in the backcountry is crucial. This service introduces map and compass navigation to help you stay on track. You can expect to learn how to read topographic maps, UTM & lat/long coordinate systems, and get a taste for cartography; you will understand how to read/shooting azimuths (find your bearing), triangulate, and compensate for declination. We also look at some natural navigation skills.

Digital Photography for Field Research
Learn how to get the most out of your camera. We will look at photographing and documenting flora and fauna.

Tarp Setting
Setting a tarp properly is the difference between staying dry and comfortable and being soaked and wind-blown. This program helps you understand the fundamentals behind getting a tautly pitched tarp every time, with a selection of different configurations to suit a wide range of weather conditions.