Why Art and Craft?

Definitions:Art being any creative expression which fills you and others with emotion, tells a story, or provides a message. It can be written, sang, painted, sculpted, sketched, arranged. It can be permanent or ephemeral, however you please. Craft, this is a practiced skill set for the creation of objects: pottery, wood carving, basketry, drum making, … Read more

Cypress Hills Bicycle Tour | Full Trip Log | June 30th-July 7th 2017

Preface: The Cypress Hills For those of you who have never been, the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park starts in Saskatchewan near Maple Creek and stretches West into Alberta ending not far from Medicine Hat. Classified as the Cypress Upland Ecoregion it towers over the mixed-grasslands surrounding it. In fact, it sits at the same elevation … Read more