Hi! I’m Steve Abbott!

After a few years living on the bright and vibrant East Coast of Canada, I’ve recently returned to my prairie roots in Saskatchewan. Inspired by the sense of community instilled by the people of Nova Scotia, I’m eager to share what I’ve learned with my family, friends, and communities of my homelands. As the snowfalls begin to cover the prairies and shape the boreal forest into a winter paradise, I am eagerly fixing my snowshoe bindings, digging out my favourite sweaters, and collecting ingredients for my favourite hot chocolate recipe!

My work focuses on outdoor education, coaching, community building, and regenerative tourism. I aspire to create moving, memorable experiences for people on the land and I am so excited to be back exploring my favourite places. It’s my pleasure to share them with you!

In my spare time you can find me in my canoe or on a trail, always with a whittling knife, notepad, and drawing supplies near at hand, or tucked away in my little workshop. I love to sing and play guitar, draw, cook, read, and sit around the campfire! Oh, and I’m a total bird-nerd.


The outdoors has always been my happy place. I was fortunate to have parents who took me camping when I was young, a father who taught me how to fish and hunt and to treat nature with respect. Some of my earliest memories are with him on the banks of the South Saskatchewan river, scouring the shoreline for lures and picking up garbage when the fish weren’t biting.

Art and ‘making’ have always been a part of me, too. From carving around the campfire as a child, drawing in the margins of all my schoolwork, creating digital media or writing short stories, the urge to fabricate, describe, and interpret has always fascinated me.

At some point I noticed that my moments of deepest focus and peace occurred at the intersections between nature and creativity. As I dug deeper, I recognized the countless interconnections that exist between my relationship with nature and my creative interests and the ways they inspire and inform each other. What’s more, I realized just how powerful, especially when paired together, nature and creating can be to help us learn not only about the land, but about ourselves and other people as well. Being invested in nature through art or craft is powerful magic that can change people and build community.

And this magic is what I bring to you.

My education, guiding, and mentoring experience extends through many organizations and Canadian provinces. I have worked in public and private school settings from grades K-12, and with adults of all ages in the private and non-profit sectors. I consistently strive to provide engaging experiential learning opportunities, specializing in cross-curricular experiences involving art, craft, science, culture, and outdoor safety and adventure.

I am highly focused on the mental and physical benefits of nature exposure and mindfulness and am constantly seeking new ways to provide opportunities for people to feel transformed by their interactions with the outdoor world to affect better and consistent holistic well-being.

I also guide part-time for Nova Scotia based Freewheeling Adventures, an active holiday provider. Guiding for Freewheeling has given me the opportunities to lead tours in Newfoundland, PEI, Nova Scotia, Wales, and Portugal on their behalf. Working for Freewheeling Adventures is a blast! From the amazing folks who work at headquarters to the incredible people from around the world that I get to meet and explore beautiful landscapes with, I can strongly recommend being a staff member or a customer for this company.

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