A Welcome Communion with Nature

I let the thrum of lawnmowers occupy the spaces left behind me. It’s replaced by the whir of American toads and moving water. A dozen voices chatter happy tunes from the canopy above: warblers, cardinals, robins; and where the creek meets river, orioles. Their blaze orange bodies flitting through spring leaves and sunshine. There are new voices, too, I’ve never heard some of these songs.

An eagle soaring leads the way,
tail feathers clean and bright as day,
blue jays scream and black birds play,
and I can’t help but think that it all seems to say: sit.
Stay a while.

So I do.

I enjoy the ferns and fresh grass reaching through the dappled shade of willow trees on the banks of the Grand. They tower into a blue sky which has naught but a smudge of cloud to disrupt it. The splash of an osprey’s diving brings me back to the water and I think “it could be 200 years ago…” for a moment, and then I hear the airplane.

I’m not far from much: roads and farms and fields, traffic, horns, it’s all just beyond; there is an unavoidable scent of wet silage coming from somewhere in the west. But despite, I feel so clean and light now, like I was miles away from it all. Even with a career in the outdoors I am never less than amazed at how refreshing a walk in nature can be. How rejuvenating are the effects of the birdsong and sunshine, fresh air, moving water, the sting of nettle on the skin, and the feeling of bare earth under foot.

To think, I almost didn’t come out here today.

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