Enjoy nature wherever the wind takes you!

Connecting with nature helped to positively change my life. I want to help it change yours too. Slowing down, experiencing nature, being creative: this helps us grow in ways that benefit our lives holistically: mind, body, and soul, for at home and at work, in the community and on the land.

Getting outside does not need to be limited to one-off experiences. By identifying your “why” for getting outside, your excuse, by developing the tools that help you to experience nature, you will find that getting out doesn’t require extensive travel or high fees of admission. You can find your place to enjoy nature locally, and thus build it into your routine.

From Tumbleweed Naturalist you can expect to learn skills that help you relax, de-stress, relieve anxiety, and build self-confidence. We’ll work on your ability to become intentionally curious, more creative, observant, and self sufficient, while ingraining new positive habits to make it all stick.

Let’s begin.

Steve Abbott

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Exploring connections with the land, ourselves, and each other through art, craft, and the outdoors

Why art and craft?
Creation is a fundamentally human activity. From functional pieces to beautiful ones, those which tell a story to those which make us think, we are a species unlike any other because we have found ways to combine parts to make products. But there is little magic in the “things” we make, magic exists in the processes by which we make them… Read More